Why do some seek groups to be Asatru with yet never seem to share the tribal bond of frith with family? Why do we feel a shared religion somehow binds us together as anything more than a shared path? Our ancestors shared a path, the tribe across the mountains the same as it’s counterpart. They still warred on each other.

Universalism and Folkish both fail to realize that a shared religion, ethnicity, spirituality, and/or skin color do not bind you. Your first obligation and love should be to your kin. Parents, grandparents, wives, husbands, partners, children, grandchildren, adopted fosterlings.

The Heathen tribe mindset does not put kindred binding into degrees. It is not Blood then Bond. It is all bonded helping all bonded be better. When a husband or wife is ill, your kindreds members do not day I cannot help him because my wife needs the money first to buy food for our children. They come together and they all help each other. Share food, share space, share hamingja. The wife of the ill husband relies on the kindred to help, the kindred helps – all the kindred, even the ill wife helps those who give til it hurts.

This experience and binding cannot be experienced completely by joining others based purely on faith, ethnicity or skin color. It can only be found by a longer, deeper association between people, or groups, over time that find a desire deep down for more than just honoring a god or gods.

Tribe-Kindred-Family first. No matter their religion, ethnicity or skin color.