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There are many Heathens who come to Asatru, or another form of Germanic folk religion by way of another religion. From 2003-2006 I was a mixture of Wiccan and Zen Buddhist. Much of what I learned from Wicca I couldn’t “process”. I don’t subscribe to be subservient to nature, or even a warden to it. I see humans as partners to nature, not slaves to it. Zen Buddhism was for my mind and well being. The cosmology wasn’t for me.


In 2006, I became Heathen, and decided Asatru was where my spirituality lied. I am not Icelandic, or Scandinavian. Im American, so I interpret the lore with an eye not from how we experienced the gods and events, but how the gods might have been and how the world told their stories. Asatru is my religion, and religion is how I experience the world.

But I still hold much of what Buddhism taught me about compassion to heart. Today I attended Buddha’s Birthday at the Guang Ming Temple.

There was a lady who sat across from us at the temple today while we ate (vegetarian creme puffs, cilantro dumplings and yuba wraps) who asked what brought me to the temple, because Im not Buddhist.

There were many non-Asian people there. The Guang Ming Temple is open to all Dharmaseekers. I told her I was Buddhist for years, years ago. She asked why I no longer was. I told her that I was Asatru. That spiritually, Asatru is what called me but I still hold the teachings, and the compassionate side of Buddhism in my heart.

Odin traveled Midgard, Jotunheim, Asgard, and Helheim for wisdom. He sought it from all races of the world. If Odin met Buddha (who knows, maybe he did?), I believe they could have had discussions lasting lifetimes.