When offered a series of children’s books, I jumped at the chance to get a full set of books. Partly, for curiosity in my own endeavors, but also to read them. Published by Norhalla a new press, these books are a series produced for children. They all contain re-tellings of familiar stories and characters but using simple rhyming language.
The stories all feature STICK FIGURES which simple and basic ‘crayon’ like sketches. I actually found this very darling and a cute idea to use child like art.
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The stories all retell a famous myth and include quite elaborate details but in rhyming style to make it easy for children to read. However, I did notice that some words were difficult for young readers. Even though the book does offer a full guide on pronunciation, I think the author should have just put that inside the book, as most children won’t go to the back to look it up, so for younger readers (7 and under) I would suggest sitting with them to assist in any confusing names. I had a chance to read The Roots of Yggdrasil, Building the Wall, Sif’s Golden Hair and The Great Void to Asgard. All of them are very similar in illustration, and all of them contain the ‘rhyming’ style of text.
Here is an example of one of the passages from “The Great Void to Asgard”
I find this style very appealing to the reader and especially to kids! I would recommend this series to parents of children ages 0-8 as this is perfect for young reader and book lovers alike! If your looking for a good night time story book that is not violent, has simple wording and cute pictures, then this series is for you!