Is it possible that “spaces” and personal “interests” are what makes us drawn in to various goddess?

Continuing the conversation of being drawn to various elements that connect us to the goddess. If you didn’t read the first article, you can do so, by click here.

7987245a787a0461ad9d5e6ba40efb1bSpiritual Service:

If you are one that can see yourself totally dedicated to a life of spiritual based service, providing both advice as well as service to the communities that you are in, solely on the level of service expected of the Volva or Seidhr woman, than Freyja is the goddess for you.


“Njǫrðr’s daughter was Freyja. She was a sacrificial priestess. She was the first to teach the Æsir black magic(*), which was customary among the Vanir.”- Heimskringla VI

Wild Wood/Hunting:

If you are attracted to the outdoors and specifically are drawn to the idea of the self sufficient woman, Skadhi could be the goddess for you. She should be honored by women who seek out to challenge the status quo and whom fight for freedom.


“She seems to thrive on challenges, both emotional and physical.mShe is certainly the goddess of winter sports, but it is hard to believe she is any less active in the summer. One imagines her running whitewater rivers, rock climbing, marathon running, excelling in any activity that stretches mind and muscle.”

– Diana Paxson
Skadhi, Wildness Woman

For Skadhi, a book that was mentioned several times as one that may help at least figure out her connections to things is Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Estes

*Black magic is a post Christian word. Its likely this was not the original meaning.





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