We are so excited about the new venture of Friggas Falcons! The idea spawned because the AAA has a lot of moms on the board. Three of us actually, which is amazing. All of us wanted something better than the standard organizations and could not understand why organizations are still so religious.

Even the secular organization don’t quite have what we need, or have enough people to support the areas that everyone lives in…so we thought, lets make our own.

Although the organization is focused on Norse Mythology, we don’t force our faith on anyone. We created the organization to allow for the inclusion of spiritual elements if the parents saw fit to, but kids could still get all the mythology and knowledge no matter what!

The first step is education, the second hope is to expose children to concepts within the mythos. If families want to take that further into spiritual practices, that is welcomed and is available within the organization. There will be several options for each challenge so families can pick and choose what they want, but not feel so compelled to attach religion to their views.

This is the official guidebook, for those interested: https://ffalconsblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/falcon-guidebook/