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Let’s set the stage…

3 years ago, Hostess went bust. Hostess was the maker of baked goods from bread to Twinkies. They had a large plant here in Orlando, FL. Driving by this plant and smelling baking bread is probably one of the happiest memories most Orlando, Floridians have and many tourists have mentioned it as well. It employed 200 people.

Hostess Twinkies

Hostess Twinkies

In WWII, Twinkies were given to our soldiers to remind them of home. Twinkies originally had banana cream inside them and it was replaced by vanilla whipped cream because bananas were also given to Our Boys as a little piece of home. Twinkies are a staple in today’s culture, mostly as something that lasts forever (when actually shelf life is 3 weeks and that’s if they’re not kept outside and dry).

Twinkies actually went for hundreds of dollars a box here in Florida. People stood around the block to get into the Merita plant’s store to buy bread and Twinkies because the iconic confection was going away.

I was lucky enough to locate some. Yes, Im a large guy and I have eaten Twinkies. Not too much growing up (I was a pecan tart man myself) but they became a snack in my lunch box when I worked security. I honestly havent had one myself in quite a while now. But when they were rare I managed 2 boxes from the local Walmart. And yes, I gave some to Sunna as an offering, and not in exchange for anything. And when I was disabled from acute tendinitis where I couldnt walk and had to miss work and goto the doctor, I gave some to Eir for help (and this was like 2 weeks after being hobbled).

And I honestly believe Eir helped. Do I think she likes Twinkies? I honestly have no idea and it’s foolish to think she’s in Asgard munching on a the two I offered or offended by them.

The point was – the sacrifice. I gave something of value (personally and monetarily) in hopes of an exchange with the gods.

I have not given any since because Hostess was bought out and Twinkies are readily available everywhere from Walmart to a mom ‘n pop gas station in BFE. But groups and people like to attack people on social media aka “ad hominem”. Attacking the person, not the work. Well, people Im sorry but giving baked goods does have cultural and historical meaning.

This image was sent to me by Bryan Wilton.

This image was sent to me by Bryan Wilton.

Baked goods have/had meaning in offerings to the gods. At harvest/Winter Nights/Freyfaxi, barely cakes are given to The Harvest God (in Asatru that being Freyr). I have given baked goods to the gods before, be them homemade, purchased at the store or given to me as gifts. I have also given pecan tarts in remembrance to my father, who my fondest memories of are going on Saturdays to the concrete batch plants he worked at to do some overtime and he would treat me to a pecan tart and Dr. Pepper.

So there you have it.

~Matthew Thomas Barker aka Thorendahl Freyrsson Songhammer