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Ask someone how they interact with the gods, and by whichever god they chose to venerate, you’ll get a dozen stories. Odin’s followers share stories of knowledge and strength; Tyr’s of bravery; Freyja of love and joy. I as a follower of Freyr find my moments with The Brightest God in the quiet moments outside, especially in fall (early winter) – a time here in Florida we are many months away from.

To me, Freyja and Freyr being of the Vanir, share a relationship with the changing of the seasons. Hodr and Baldr are “The gods of..” Winter and Summer respectively, but the transition between those are times of Freyja and Freyr – Spring and Fall.

The beginning of the year starts at Yule, which in most of the US is the dead of winter. Cold, snow storms and a time of our ancestors to sacrifice to the coming return of the sun. It is also a dark time, and the dark is colder. Darkness like blindness is of Hodr. The sun returns and Freyja accompanies it. The bright vibrant sun, as we on Midgard shift the axis and find ourselves returning to its warm. Flowers bloom, sun showers, milder temperatures getting higher. The return of plentiful crops. Freyja gives way to the beaming sun of summer and Baldr. All life is in bloom and thriving. It is hot, but the sun brings life to all. And being a cycle and related to Hodr, death comes as well. The cycle.

We spend the summer doing as we wish be us adults or children. We also spend much time preparing for winter. In the US many folk do not fear winter as our ancestors did. And we do not rely on local crops to survive. We cannot hold a candle to what our ancestors did with crops and livestock to survive many months that would make a Floridian like me wish to move to Mercury! But we do remember. We observe special days during the year and still give to our gods.

And when winter returns and the sun begins to leave us, before Hodr comes Freyr. The god of the harvest and plenty. The crops all year have been tended and sacrifices made to him. Be them spiritual or true fields to reap or honorably ceremonial, we give thanks and offering to Freyr for peace and plenty. The sun is golden in the sky. Fall’s temperatures can be milder then the birth in spring, but they are so enjoyable. The end of sport seasons, of BBQs and family trips. We settle in for winter and Hodr’s return. Freyr has blessed us with food, and plenty. And hopefully of peace.

Today I stood outside to do some stupid little labor task for my girlfriend and felt the cool wind of early spring. I live in Florida, spring is short! I felt like this wind behind me was a mixture of Freyja and Freyr, being happy and in love with each other and the peace right now being felt by myself and my kin. Spring time to me is the beginning of a great time of the year for travel and expanding my catalog of things Ive wanted to do. I am unsure if Freyja blessed my girlfriend’s seeds she planted. She is not Asatru or Heathen. She earns her returns by her own deeds. But I like to think Freyja looked down on her thousands removed Celtic granddaughter’s little pots that make her happy. The cool breeze felt like some small thanks.

~Thorendahl Freyrsson Songhammer