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AAA / Heathen Hall response to Kenaz Filan’s “IMPIETAS III” & Galina Krasskova’s “Frith does not mean peace.”

When the lay person, or uneducated or ill-educated Heathen looks at the word frith, their mind goes to a few different places.

1.) The “hippy” definition is that peace is the groovy kind with everyone loves each other. Put down the weapons and share in the common bond between all men.

This is not frith. This is a new age ideal of forgiving all grievances for the “greater good” that supposedly all parties are supposed to be striving for and already in some sense agree to.

2.) The Christian definition of turning the other cheek. Love thy brother. An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. Notice how folks always skip the last part of this? Eye for an eye does not mean if someone hurts you, hurt them back, it means be a Christian and make peace, that this eye for an eye attitude will hurt EVERYONE involved.

This is not frith. This is a Christian concept like the one above, but more an attempt at control. Stop fighting and look at the bigger picture. We’re all men under God and should no longer fight, but work together.

3.) The common Heathen definition of “right action” meaning kicking ass when someone wrongs you. No forgiveness. ONLY the inner guard matters. The attempt to look semi-enlightened of “speak softly and carry a big stick”. You killed my brother, we goto the Earl and I get 5 goats and 50 gold pieces and you get exiled. Or I’ll kill you myself!

4.) The true meaning of frith; that peace (frith) is an earned outcome of action(s) in direct response to an upsetting or destructive force against a previously established order (peace).

This is frith. So many people either refuse to see it, or just choose not to see it. “Right order” is correct. But if you’re “righting” an “order” that was disrupted, that means it was at one time ALREADY “right”. If everyone is “right” (or justice, honorable, working) then it IS peace, and it is frith.

Galina Krasskova’s response to Kenaz’s article (which I read, twice and found it noting to be anti-hero avenges himself and others against the villains) is correct but looses focus about half way through.

“Our communities”. We tote that word around and apply it to our family, extended family, kindreds but always shy away from the community we belong to, owe some frith to but seem to want to ignore – the world community. This starts at the town/city level, moves into counties, states, countries. We belong to communities that make up other communities. We owe them SOME frith (right action). We owe them our ability to follow the law (and challenge it if we find it unjust – LEGALLY challenge it), we owe them our tolerance of others – be it religion, their own non-harming actions or speech. If we did what Heathens on social media want us to do – kill, maim or expel all non-Heathens from every country that isn’t 90% desert – we are breaking frith with a community we work with and in for our own sake. Hypocritical since these Heathens claim Christians did it 900+ years ago, and now want to do the same.

There’s always this tone of separating ourselves from Christian influences. I understand and agree with this, but so many people take it from separation to segregation to ignoring and persecuting anyone of the Christian faith(s). Have you ever seen someone openly call for or mockingly speak up about or endorse KILLING or HURTING Christians? Either because the vocal Christian media machine has done something incredibly stupid, or for what Christians did 900+ years ago?

Guess what – you just broke frith. Why who? Your ancestors. Every single Heathen alive and dead has Heathen AND Christian ancestors. And living Christian relatives. Unless these Christians are breaking into your home and forcibly baptizing you or trying to hurt you, you calling for their death, harm on them or removal of any of their rights is breaking frith – with them, with the community you live, your Christian relatives and maybe even your family who might not share you bigoted hatred of someone else’s faith who you think wronged you 900 or so years ago in which you had no ties until you sought out your lost Heathen heritage.

How does a Christian in 1098 CE who might’ve worked with forcibly converting Heathens to Christianity re-establish frith with you? They cannot. There can be no “right action” in this circumstance. And trying to take it out on their 45th generation removed children who share the same faith is breaking frith (the peace) with someone who could possibly accept, or at least tolerate a non-Christian practicing their faith.

Heathens want to research and honor their ancestors. It’s a rather large part of our Heathen faiths. But many want to ignore 1000 CE until their most recent relative who sought to reclaim their Heathen heritage or were at least known to them in a favorable light.

WE DO NOT PICK AND MIX OUR ANCESTORS. Our heritage is not bought and sold at Woolworth’s.

Frith IS peace. It is “right action”. If everyone is working well within your community (be it your family and/or kindred), then you are at peace. There is no conflict, no disruption. Life’s day-to-day challenges or common family disputes are not breaking frith. Your daughter wanting the new cell phone and whines, your son wont goto bed and wants to play his video games – these are not breaking frith. Now your children stealing your car and getting drunk and hurting someone – frith is broken. It needs to be made up for. Punishment and reparation. And the people hurt, their frith with your family is now frith and YOU owe them reparations.

Peace is an earned outcome of action(s) in direct response to an upsetting or destructive force against a previously established order (working frith). You start with peace, it is challenged, you return to it. You start with frith, it is damaged, you work to restore it.

Frith is peace.