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Thought of the Day 10/14/2013 –

Orlog, Wyrd, Hamingja and You (also Frith)

What are these words? Theyre extremely common to see in Asatru and Heathenry. And how do they effect me?

First, definitions:

Wyrd – Destiny; fate. Wyrd effects everyone through association.

Orlog – A person’s direct destiny. It is tended to and spun by the Norns. They cannot control it but see it’s construction and path.

Hamingja – “luck”; influenced by the actions/deeds of those around you and whom you are tied

Frith – “peace”; duty, honor, loyalty and bonds between kin, kind, community and world

What do all these have in common?


I see this question alot “What are Orlog and Wyrd?” Here’s my answer…

Imagine Orlog as a single spider web strand. This strand is you. It’s composition is based upon your life and decisions. Dishonorable deeds will make the strand weak and thin in areas, living right and doing your duty will make it strong. Now imagine Wyrd is everyone else’s strands all overlapping and connected together with yours. It makes a giant spider-web. Wyrd is destiny and fate. Other people’s Orlog effects it. If a large bug flies into the web, it’ll strain & contain or snap. Honorable, worthy people are strong strands that can hold the bug. If you’re associated with them, and worthy, you will be strong and share in their strength. If they’re weak and dishonorable, they’ll snap and effect you and vice versa. Keep good, honorable and worthy company. And do right by yourself, and you’re Orlog will be strong, stay connected to those of like-mind and action and create a harmonious Web (Wyrd).



We can take this a step further. The connection and pattern between these strands (Orlog) making the web (Wyrd) is held together by Frith (glue). Love, honor, duty, loyalty – all these things define Frith. Your stand’s connection to your mother, father, uncles, aunts, brother and sister are the strongest. And they expect yours to be just as strong. This is frith. Then there’s your extended family (cousins) then kindred, the community, all other life and the world. All of this frith is based on relation – be it blood, bond, species or the godh. Remember, the godh are our ancestors.

Now how does hamingja work into this? Hamingja is luck, it is built up or brought down by your own actions and those you associate with actions. If your friend is a thief, it’ll reflect upon you. If your brother kills a man dishonorably, it’ll reflect on you. If your father and/or mother cannot hold their drink, it’ll reflect on you. But it also works for the positive influence as well – your father works hard and is respected by his peers, your mother is good hearted and helps anyone she can, your brother is a firefighter, your sister is a proud mother, your uncle is a great fisherman – all these things will reflect on you and increase your own personal hamingja (luck). How does this tie into Orlog (web strand), Wyrd (the web) and Frith (the glue)? Hamingja is the pattern of the web. Those you associate with who are dishonorable will have weak connections to others and create an odd shaped pattern. Some people might disassociate themselves from your friend or family member, making a wider opening, or miss an entire pattern. The connection between your car thief cousin and your mother and your aunt might all be thin and snap when something flies into that area of web. BAD LUCK OH NO!


Damaged web.

Heathenry is a way of life that depends on everyone associated together to work together with all these things – Orlog, Wyrd, Frith and Hamingja. When someone falters, everyone is effected. When someone is shunned, everyone must work harder to make up for the absense. And being personal, we all have to make personal decisions and live with the consequences – good or bad. You cannot control your family, kindred or community. You must concern yourself only with your Orlog and those whom it is connected to (Wyrd). These people tend their own and you spin it all accordingly.