Clarification of Thought of the Day 10/10/13

I believe some people were/are confused about what the message in the TotD 10/10/13 was. It has nothing to do with gaming. If you made the connection between role-play and LARP, then you took the first step but if you went no further, you missed it.

LARP is Live Action Role Play. It’s like drama club for adults. It’s a smaller scale Renn Fair.

LARPTru aka Materialists are people who lack spirituality, of any sort, and go through the motions. Heathenry is essentially 2 parts beyond you as a person in the present. It’s 1.) Veneration of your ancestors (something a LARPTru or Materialist can and probably does) and 2.) Spirituality. The godh (a genderless term for gods and goddesses) cross over into both spirituality AND ancestor veneration. And this is where a Materialist LARPTruar will disagree and most likely mock you. Many people believe the godh to be our ancestors, or at least deities that had a direct hand in, or influence of, our creation. I call these people Literalists. They take the lore literally. The godh created man and woman from branches of ash and elm, formed Midgard from Ymir’s bones, etc etc. Materialists or LARPTru will mock these people, assign them a psychosis, inform them they’re wrong and assigning Abrahamic feelings to Heatherny and basically belittle you.

Other insults are being called a Christian/Xtian or WiccaTru or FluffTru. Both Literalists and Materialists/LARPTru will use the term “white rabbit”. There’s a difference in usage..

Materialists/LARPTRu use it to describe someone who wants everything to be peace and love. Essentially, what Christians are supposed to want, and Wicca. Everything is love and joy, and a one-world-community (which BTW is true) and the godh love and speak to everyone as their children. And then they toss in UPG like it’s a giant dog turd.



Literalists use it to describe someone’s own UPG based upon an obsessive basis ONLY on the written word of scholars, anthropology, entomology and proven verifiable sources. The godh aren’t spirits, divine beings, real or whatever word. They’re just people. Giants, dwarfs, elves – just humans from other lands. White Rabbit when applied to a Materialist/LARPTru means they are basically running down a deep dark hole of atheist Heatherny. No deities. Only humans, ancestors from the past, analogies and symbolism. Eddas are Christian stories, not true. Some people have a more insidious idea of LARPTru and white rabbit, but I wont go further into that because I don’t share it.

The Materialist usage is more sinister as it is exclusive. It is used to assign fault, fallacy and a weakness in the mind of the Heathen they are speaking of.

Do I have an agenda? Sure do – positive, constructive discussion and education of Asatru and Heathenry. This can and should be done by analysis, research, practice and UPG.

A note on Literalists: Most polytheists understand that it’s doubtful the exact ideas expressed in the lore (especially the Eddas) are what happened. We’re talking about stories told orally for centuries about events humans either did or did not witness of beings above them evolutionary describing events they had no idea how to interpret. Some Literalists will leave it as an unknown act, some might use UPG to explain it. I personally consider the Ask/Embla story to be matter transfiguration. I have no idea how this works and I’m not foolish enough to attempt to understand it with a 21st century public school education. It’s like asking a caveman to explain thermodynamics.  Just ain’t gonna happen.

UPG is UPG. The P means personal. Hence, opinion. One should not reject UPG solely on the basis that it is. The lore is based on UPG, and if you don’t see that, you’ve failed. UPG should be explored with an open mind and accepted or rejected on its merits, not by its category.