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White Rabbit, Fluffy White Rabbit, RabbitTru, FluffTru

What do these things mean? The terminology revolving about “rabbit(s)” in Heathenry and Asatru is a common insult and way to describe someone’s own feelings towards the “faith”.
To me – the White Rabbit is referring to The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The elusive animal that Alice chases blindly, against her common sense (she admits she lacks it) down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a strange and wonderful…. err Wonderland.

To others – it refers to those who want a fluffy white rabbit to hold and pet and everything is peace and love. Many would argue Heathenry and Asatru are NOT religions of peace, but this is false. The Aesir are godh of order and seek to dispel chaos and it’s fluffyagents (Jotuns). Peace in the household is Frigga’s domain. How can Heathenry NOT be a religion of peace with the concept of Frith – meaning peace between all – being so important?

This to me is the story of Alice is similar to many new to Heathenry or Asatru who come to the religion and begin doing “homework”. They find a book that speaks to their echoing previous faith and fall headlong into it. Unchecked and unfounded UPG or strict materialist recon LARPTru. These things are polar opposites. Falling through information of “fluff” to come to an idea or feeling that’s based on unsubstantial flap trap and atheism.

Yes, Atheism. What is Atheism? Im sure we all know, but I think we need to look at the definition


archaic :  ungodliness, wickedness
a :  a disbelief in the existence of deity

b :  the doctrine that there is no deity

2a and 2b speak to the Materialist recon LARPTruar.

IMHO, behind racism in Heathenry, the largest problem facing Heathenry and Asatru is LARPTru (coined by respected follower Bryon Bragason von Ringer) – Heathens and Asatruars who reject all spirituality and rely totally on written scientific or anthropological sources and “go through the motions” of being a Heathen yet do not truly believe. Racism and LARPTru are not connected, but they’re both separate issues. Racism (known as Nazitru, Neo Nazis, Volkish, Skin-Heads) are twisted ideas based on the Aryan and Polar Myths. LARPTru are rejection of all notions outside the written word. Gamers vs Librarians.

Definition of LARPTru:
1. There are no distinct supernatural entities, known as the Gods or Goddesses, Aesir, Vanir, or any other such beings. The LARPatrus are actively hostile to all forms of religious Polytheism, or Theism in any fashion.

2. These names (Odin, Thor, etc.) refer solely to either (a) archetypes, or (b) symbols of our ancestors.

3. Because these beings do not exist, rituals & religious rites only serve “traditional” purposes and fellowship, and do not have any spiritual or supernatural components.

4. Anyone who claims to have had any interaction with any supernatural beings, or to have even “felt” the presence of such beings, or any other kind of religious “experience”…is suffering from a mental condition or lying.

5. Being “Heathen” is solely about conforming to romanticized cultural “norms” that usually align themselves with Conservative or Far Right political positions.(*)

They usually refer to themselves as “Recons”(**), and speak derisively of anyone who actually believes in the Gods and Goddesses as actual beings, often employing the terms “UPG”, “New Age”, or “Special Snowflake”(***), in order to ridicule them.

(* Obviously, this is not meant to say that all Conservatives are LARPatru. Rather, the converse is almost always correct, as LARPatrus are almost always Conservative, Far Right, or flat-out racist.)

(** Obviously, these people are not “real” Reconstructionists, for they seem to labor under the delusion that our ancestors didn’t actually believe in the Gods and Goddesses. Real “Reconstructionism” is concerned with reconstructing a RELIGION…not just PRETENDING TO DO SO.)

(*** Also, these terms are often used by non-LARPatrus…but it’s only really the LARPatrus that have a tendency to use them against all Polytheist Heathens.)

NOW – I have nothing against Atheists. And as an American, I will stand up against any person or body that will attempt to deny Atheists any rights under the sun. But I have issues with those people, LARPTru, who attempt to correct or belittle others who do not share their views on Heathenry. These people will belittle, insult or speak down to you and mock your opinion.

Remember, like all things in life – moderation. Balance recon and UPG. Faith and Non-Fiction. Written sources and spiritual intuition.