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WELCOME! As we expand, we are moving out of social media like Facebook and Twitter (Twitter account to come!) onto an actual webpage. Now, we’re using a free service – WordPress – to bring the same information on the Facebook page and group to the world wide web!

Same rules apply here!

What you can expect to find:

AAA Kindred Hub – A list of kindreds from all over the globe with contact information for people to join! Also a list of those seeking a kindred to join.

Thought of the Day by Thorendahl – A daily blog post involving a modernist Universalist-Asatruars UPG and opinion on lore, dogma, politics and situations.

Havamal Discussions by Thorendahl – a daily blog post involving interpretations of the Havamal stanzas handed down by Odin (Wodan, Wodin, Wotan) the Allfather.

Metal Mondays by Gamolsson – Heavy metal videos and music!

Tyr’s Day Forge by Viggulfdr – Weapons, history and usage!

Wodin’s Wednesday Working by Asbjeorn – A bi-weekly article about Runes, their meanings, working and history.

Herbs, stone, crystals and animal spirituality by Eskelde – Seidkona and medium advisor/guide!

Frigga’s Hearth by Gamolsson and Eskelde – Recipes and home hearth insights.

Sunnah’s Day Survey by Gamolsson – Surveys involving people’s thoughts and outlooks on Heathenry and Asatru.

Our staff:
Jarl – Matthew Barker aka Thorendahl. Cosmology and Creation.
Carl – Steven Rawlings aka Viggulfdr. Literature and Lore & weapons.
Carl – Josh Gamble aka Gamolsson. Heathenry World News.
Carl – Amanda McCague aka Eskelde. Seidkona & Spiritual Medium.
Carl – Sean Sartin aka Asbjeorn. Rune Expert.

Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/americanasatruassociation
Our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/343572965776958/