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8/10/2017 –

Due to The Troth offering free Havamals to inmates and military personnel, I have discontinued the free Havamals

7/31/2017 –
If you have requested a Pocket Havamal since 7/1/2017 – they are being mailed 8/4 – 8/7/2017.

As of 7/31/2017, AFA members will no longer be able to request free Pocket Havamals, no matter their status in the US Military. In accordance with declaration127.com and the AFA’s leadership in embracing anti-LGBT+ beliefs and white pride/power rhetoric, we cannot in good conscious send Havamals to members who can abide racist, homophobia, lies, and the dishonorable actions of the AFA leadership and their Folkbuilders.

Newest blog post. Talking to Children.
I take a moment to tell you about talking to my niece about Aegir, and the gifting cycle.

The first batch of Pocket Havamals has been ordered! They are expected to arrive in 5-7 days and will be shipped to all those who ordered one AND the active military personnel who requested one!

The Pocket Havamal – Military Edition is PUBLISHED!
Click on the link on the upper left to order a copy!